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This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Skidrow Joe-Down In The Alley (1970).

(Mama mama it's gettin' closer to the end mama mama can I come home again)
Where did the years go mama
Why it seemed like only yesterday that we were man and wife
That was in the springtime of our years when everything pointed to the good life
It started when we lost the boy mama I turned to the bottle to ease the pain
Oh I loved him so much mama when I woke up it was too late to change
Oh I went by to school lots of times mama to see how our two girls was gettin' along
You sure done a fine job raise 'em mama too bad I had to let you do it all alone
Somehow you never married again mama
Though I know you could've wed any man you ever do
I tried it again no it didn't last I just couldn't find another girl like you
I parked up on top of the hill above your house lots of nights mama
Thinkin' of what could've been
It seemed somehow it helped bein' close to you
While I was wishin' wishin' I could come in
I'm gettin' cold mama the candle I've burned on both ends is flickering low
There's a stranger at my shoulder mama he's come for me
Goodbye mama I love you mama

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