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This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Highway Headin' South (1974) and on the album The Rubber Room (2006).

Well I'm movin' from the bright lights of the city
To a place where the sun don't shine and it never will
A town where no one knows the population I'm movin' to a place called Lonelyville
The street lights there are black as the bottom of a coalmine
And the faces you see there will make you chill
The dark and lonely sidewalks of that city are waitin' now for me in Lonelyville
This town's changed a lot since my love left here
Her love left my world so cold and still
So I'm movin' to a place where no one knows me
A dark and lonely place called Lonelyville
And the street lights there...
They're waitin' now for me in Lonelyville

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