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Late At Night

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Porter Wagoner Sings His Own (1971).

You look at me with eyes of admiration as though you'd like to live a life like mine
You just seen me smile with happy conversation
But there's something deep within I must hide
The love that's lived and died inside of me if there was just some way you could see
Would make you scream and cry at the sight just the way I do late at night
Just the way I do late at night

There are some that look at me with envy because I smile a lot just to hide
The hurt I've brought to those that have loved me
But couldn't understand me deep inside
The love that's lived...

Sometimes late at night in the stillnes my mind turns through the pages of my past
Trying some way to find the reason why I couldn't get true love to last
The love that's lived...
(Just the way I do late at night) just the way I do late at night

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