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I Knew This Day Would Come

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album The Best I've Ever Been (2000).

He'd just turned forty-seven when she was only twenty-two
She'd turned his life to heaven from the hell that he'd been through
All her friends said she was crazy she must have lost her mind
She said age makes no difference and it didn't at the time
Through the years she was his comfort oh but anyone could see
That he was growing older and she was growing free
She came in late one morning he said hold me one last time
You don't need to say it's over I've known it all the time
I knew this day would come oh but we sure gave love a whirl
Now the age that made no difference makes all the difference in the world
But I can't hold back the seasons I curse the rising sun
I already know your reasons for I knew this day would come
She said I found a young man he's only half my age
He says age makes no difference it's the heart that sets the stage
The old man listened quietly then he said
You know someday he'll come in late one morning and it'll be your time
To say I knew this day would come I knew this day would come


Lyrics by:

Damon Black

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