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I Found A Man

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album What Ain't To Be, Just Might Happen (1972) and on the album 18 Grand Old Gospel 2005 (2005).

It was on a Sunday morning when I found him standing all alone starin' into space
He looked like a man had lived a hard life and the hurt of it showed on his face
Hunger for food showed through his loose clothes
That you could tell were once tailored to fit
And a distant look was in his eyes as though he'd just seen hell's fiery pits
When I first spoke to him it seemed like he didn't hear a sound
And I stood there for a minute and thought he might be deaf
But then he turned around
And acted like he wanted to say something but couldn't speak
So I took him by the arm and said would you like to talk to me
In his humble voice so shaky soft and low
Said you look like an old friend of mine someone from long long ago
Then he said I've been thinkin' a lot about a little place not too far away from here
Where they sing and pray and they say God will answer prayers
But I can't seem to find it by myself would you walk with me over there
Then I choked the tears back before I could say a word
Then the church bells started ringin' the prettiest I ever heard
And as we walked toward the church house we'd stop along the way
And just listen to the church bells ring out God's holy day
And as we walked into that sacred place
I felt I was all alone with God but my friend had gone away
And then as I knelt down to pray it was all so plain to see
That the friend that I'd been talkin' to was my own soul inside of me
And for the first time I found myself inside myself with God's helping hand
The Master of the Universe thank you for finding this man (Amen)

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