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I've Got Work To Do

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Experience (1972).

Well I tumble from my good warm bed shake the sleep out of my head
I'd rather lay back down instead but I've got work to do
Then I stumble to the coffee pot I like my coffee strong and hot
It helps me get out on the job and I've got work to do
I've got work to do from Monday until Friday
I've got to pay the bills I own and I owe everybody
Weekend comes I have my fun on Saturday and Sunday
The only time that I call mine then back to work on Monday mhm
Poor folks live on dreams and plans and I'll keep doin' all I can
As long as I've got two good hands and I've got work to do
Out on the job I do my best at night when I lay down to rest
I thank the Lord 'cause I've been blessed that I've got work to do
I've got work to do...

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