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Girl In The Blue Velvet Band

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Unplugged (2002).

One evening while out for a ramble
The hour was just about nine
I met a young maiden in frisco
On the corner of geary and pine
On her face there was beauty
Her eyes lord they seemed to expand
Her hair was so rich and so brilliant
Tied in a blue velvet band
We walked down the street together
In my pocket she placed her small hand
She planted the evidence on me
The girl in the blue velvet band
I heard the scream of the siren
And the girl in the blue velvet band
Left me to face all the trouble
With a diamond worth ten grand
They sent me to san quentin for stealing
God knows I'm an innocent man
While the guilty one's somewhere a laughing
And dancing the girl in the blue velvet band
At night when bed time's a ringin'
Standing there close to the bars
I fancy I hear a voice calling way out
On the ocean of stars
I'll be out in a year and I'll be leaving
But I'll carry the name of a man that served
Ten long years in prison for the girl in the blue velvet band
For the girl in the blue velvet band


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