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Don't Let Me Cross Over

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album Y'all Come (1963) and on the album Something To Brag About (2004).

(Don't let me cross over love's cheating line)
I'm tempted my darling to steal you away don't let me cross over stay out of my way
You know that I love you but I'm not the stealing kind
And I'm faced with heartaches that love's cheating line
Don't let me cross over love's cheating line
You belong to another and could never be mine
I know one step closer would be heaven divine
Don't let me cross over love's cheating line
I've tried to forget you but what else can I do
When your eyes keep saying that you love me too
I know if I lose you not a dream would I have left
I don't want to cheat dear but I can't help myself
Don't let me cross over...

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