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Daddy's Old Sayin's, Mama's Beliefs

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album The Best I've Ever Been (2000).

Daddy had a lot of old sayings he always tried to live by better look before you leap still water runs deep you never get to big to cry mama said a lifetime should be based on the rock of ages and amazing grace she kept the lovelight burning in our old homeplace and I grew up there somewhere between chorus daddy's old sayings and mama's beliefs I keep them locked inside my heart way down deep now when everything in life goes wrong I can find the strength I need in daddy's old sayings, and mama's beliefs daddy like a little shot of whiskey sometimes a little homemade wine mama used to scold him turn around and hold him things would be all right till the next time she would tell him all the things he was searching for could only be found in the words of the lord daddy said sometimes they're in an old fruit jar and he looked every Saturday night repeat chorus

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