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As Simple As I Am

This song is by Porter Wagoner and appears on the album The Rubber Room (2006).

I know that you could have more than a poor hard
Workin' man I love you and I need you and I ask
You for your hand And my calloused hands will work
For you from sunup to sundown If only you'll
Accept me as simple as I am I speak to you with
Simple words I know no fancy lines I am just a
Simple man who wants you to be mine I cannot offer
Diamonds just a simple golden band And I hope that
You'll accept me as simple as I am (fiddle)
I cannot promise riches love is all I can afford
But I can promise you no one else can love you
More And I can promise you I'll never let you down
If only you'll accept me as simple as I am I speak
To you... I hope that you'll accept me as simple
As I am

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