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Low Life Muthafuckas

This song is by Poison Clan and appears on the album 2 Low Life Muthas (1990).

(Intro from "Freddy's Dead")
(Dolemite: "Yeah, there's these two low-life muthafuckas ...")

Check it out, it's the Poison Clan
Debonaire, Drugz, and the Money-Man
Low-life niggas, you see the Clan
And say that it figures
You can pull my file and see I
Talk about hoes and shit that's wild
'Cause I don't give a god-damn
Bein' that ghetto hood that I am
Gamblin' for bread; my Smif-n-Wessun
Beats any spread
You can't play me like Atari
Motherfuckers tryin' to will be sorry
'Cause Debonaire's far from a sucker
Another low-life motherfucker
(JT Money)
Mack-Daddy, another name for pimp
Worried 'bout nothin', just struttin' with a gangsta limp
Since the youth, had dreams of riches
Makin' money by pimpin' bitches
Parents hate me around their daughters
Knowin' their kids sell for quarters
And I don't pay any more
'Cause that's all she's worth to me, the low-life whore
I mean, she's makin' me rich
And only God knows I love a bitch
Who keeps me strong in the game
Pimp your little sister, won't feel shame
I go bitch-berserk, 'cause if your mother's
On my dick, I'll put the bitch to work

It's a jack, so get against the wall
And stop lookin' for a cop to call
'Cause if you do so much as twitch
You'll end up somewhere in a ditch
'Cause I'm like that; you ain't heard?
Motherfuckers had to spread the word
This kid, I once shot him
'Cause his Cadillac had too much bottom
That's a good enough reason
To me, any season is shootin' season
For a wild motherfucker
Debonaire's never gettin' played like a sucker
Niggas know that I go get thugs,
And come back shootin' buck-shots and slugs
[JT Money] Yeah, motherfuckers fear me
But most be even scared to come near me
They know I'm stampedin', leavin'
A bitch unconscious and bleedin'
Puttin' bitches on the 'ave
And when a nigga see a bitch, you say he gotta have
But he will pay to fuck MY bitch
That's when I get my percentage, which
Keeps a nigga like me eatin' shrimp
And makin' JT a motherfuckin' pimp!

[Debonaire] Debonaire's bad; the Devil's Dad
Goin' on like I'm mentally mad
See, I'm livin' like a villan
You can look at me and see I'm top billin'
I'm a goddamn player
A bitch ain't shit to me once I slay 'er
Once I get that ass,
Best believe that bitch is gettin' left in the low class
I know how to act
The bitch won't ever talk to me behind my back
'Cause if so, she'll end up wit'
Pictures on the milk-box for talkin' shit!
(JT Money)
A low life nigga
After I fuck a bitch, I egg her
But then a brother gets mad
But then I leave it up to the Devil's Dad
'Cause when niggas start to roll
Money gots to chill 'cause I'm on parole
Professional hit-man
Throwin' a blow no nigga can withstand
It gots me bent
Owin' me and not payin' every cent?
JT Money's something far from a sucker
Another low-life motherfucker

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