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This song is by Poison Clan and appears on the album Poisonous Mentality (1992).

(Intro: Luke)
What you're about to hear is basically on the minds of all young black men.
The only way they figure they can get out of this run-down society, the
Only way to live, ... they consider theyself as fugitives.

(Verse 1: JT Money)
So what? I got a dark complexion and gold teeth
Is that a reason to call the police?
On a nigga that's known to be a black sheep
They wanna throw my ass in the back seat
But a nigga can't stand it
The whole system's underhanded; I'm looked at as a bandit
So I go start a riot, but they gon' have to
Bust a cap in my ass to keep me quiet
'Cause I can't be held down
I'ma fight for my shit so that makes me jail-bound
Here come the boys in blue to harass me
But all them punk mah'fuckers can kiss my ass, see
A nigga ain't scared to do time
I did it before; it's all in the mind
But I ain't tryin' to go back
And I'ma give all these motherfuckers hell, black
'Cause that's what they gave me
And ain't one bitch out there who can save me
But before they take me,
They gotta catch me. What the fuck that make me?


(Verse 2: JT Money)
Here's the truth about my youth and my childhood
A buck wild and reckless, point blank and wild hood
Always up to no good, I had big dreams
Started movin' them thangs at age 16
Now I'm a young nigga sittin' on G's
Only dealin' with O-Z's and keys
Every now and then I move a few quarters
To niggas scowlin' at me, I'm givin' orders
I never bag or flaunt, 'cause I'm a cool youth
Thinkin' of a plan that's fool-proof
Of how to increase my wealth
Made up my mind, it's time to go for self
Now here's somethin' that you never seen
A young nigga run his own shit at age 17
A year later, I'm greater than the average nigga
And my operation's still gettin' bigger
Of course I had to fly a few hits
Now I got a rep; I'm runnin' from the feds
Fuck 'em! A nigga just can't win
They wanna see me rot in the state pen
Huh. But I can't see it, black!
And I'ma haul ass like I'm runnin' track
'Cause I know they gon' fry me
So I move out of town, change my whole ID
Better yet, change my look before they seize me
Or a fool'l recognize me on TV
But before they can take me,
They gotta catch me. What the fuck that make me?


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