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Love Can Kill The Blues

This song is by Platinum Weird and appears on the album Make Believe (2006).

You don't need medicine
To numb you through your worst
Soon that medicine
Becomes your biggest curse
You don't need power
To make you feel alive
And all that money
Ain't gonna buy you an easy ride

We all know that fame is fleeting
So don't let it drag you down tonight

Love can heal, Love can burn
Stronger than anything you've ever felt before
And when you're down nothing pulls you out
Like a hand for you to hold
That reaches in your soul
And fills you with the truth

That only love can kill the blues

And when you're sinking
To the bottom like a stone
You won't feel bitterness
If you keep love in your home

And if you're needing more
More is what you'll get
If you're ready for giving up the rest

We all have our own sweet damage
Don't let it drag you down tonight

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