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I'm Amazed

This song is by Pixies and appears…

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"... Girls and fucked 'em at school.
All I know is that
There were rumors he was into field hockey players.
There were rumors..."

"So I applied basically."
"He was gone the next day."
"I went out for the team."

"It's like... he was gon... they'd just like...
It was like so hush hush.
They were so... quiet about it.
And then the next thing you know..."

The day before that I was wed
She went upstairs and shot her head away
I'm amazed, I'm amazed, I'm amazed

Well when I was a little boy
A ball of string was my favorite toy, I'm amazed
I'm amazed, I'm amazed, I'm amazed

Before I died, I took my Honda
And packed it up, up, up to Arizona, honey
I'm amazed, I'm amazed, I'm amazed


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