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Land's End

This song is by Pinkshinyultrablast and appears on the album Everything Else Matters (2015).

Watched the dawns expand, seen waters racing land
You, say it's long before we're coming home
Slow are the rivers running towards Rome
Know the time when night becomes a rhyme
For the abandoned tongue that vanished with a tribe forever
Watch your head this summer sky is low
Think of the moment forest starts to glow
Take your bike and ride to where the dog is barking
Show me where you've seen how bees collect their honeys
For the treasure boxes hid in sand
Know you're scared you should give me
Your hand'll whiper in your ear that good times are so near
Time comes even for us to be with each other

We sigh, oh, wondering why we going away to a foreign place
And trying, we're trying to move on watching each other lonely trace
Wherever we are any season remember the vivid summer days
I think of just any good reason to call you and say I love your ways

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