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Kiddy Pool Dreams

This song is by Pinkshinyultrablast and appears on the album Grandfeathered (2016).

Over the crowd I notice your smile
Following highways by hours that chide
Crumbling fears that nestled inside
Guess I'm wrestling to make up my mind

Say what - trying to make this work
Bind thoughts, oh, there are so few
Soft spot I'm wading through all these words
I'd rather hang here beside you
At dusk we're driving down to the beach
The ocean's glimmering surface
Drunk on a liqueur of fennel seeds
Night brushed these mountains in purple
On the road the burst out of silly jokes
And you reach over for my hand
You know I'm smothered by all these words
A touch you touch I still comprehend

Let's build our castles and lakes of sand
The roaring shoreline's aside
The curly washed capes and strips of land
I'll leash my fears beside me
The hazy mountains are up above
Lined up into a whimsical cradle
Down through the valley and almond grove
We're rolling reckless and playful
Soothe me, come into my dream and stay
Bursting all apple blossoms are swaying
Humble nourishing my dreams of you
Mumbled in my ear, your love is true

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