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One of My Turns

This song is by Pink Floyd and appears…

This song has been covered by Roger Waters under the title "One of My Turns".
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One of My Turns
(Spoken) Oh my God! What a fabulous room! Are all these your guitars?
(Film in background: I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to startle you!)
This place is bigger than our apartment!
(Film: Let me know when you're entering a room
Yes sir!)
Um, Can I get a drink of water?
(Film: I was wondering about ...)
You want some, huh?
(Film: Yes)
Oh wow, look at this tub? Do you wanna take a bath?
(Film: I'll have to find out from Mrs. Bancroft what time she wants to meet us, for her main ...)
What are you watching?
(Film: If you'll just let me know as soon as you can ... Mrs Bancroft... Mrs Bancroft ...)
(Film: I don't understand ...)
Are you feeling okay?

Day after day, love turns grey
Like the skin of a dying man
And night after night, we pretend it's all right2
But I have grown older and
You have grown colder and
Nothing is very much fun anymore

And I can feel one of my turns coming on
I feel, cold as a razor blade
Tight as a tourniquet
Dry as a funeral drum

Run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left
You'll find my favourite axe
Don't look so frightened
This is just a passing phase
One of my bad days3
Would you like to watch T.V.?
Or get between the sheets?
Or contemplate the silent freeway?
Would you like something to eat?
Would you like to learn to fly? Would you?4
Would you like to see me try? Ooh no5

Would you like to call the cops?
Do you think it's time I stopped?
Why are you running away?


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  1. The Wall is a concept album that also tells a story, and utilizes spoken passages to further correlate with the concept.
  2. The official lyrics omit "and"
  3. The official lyrics read "Just one of my bad days"
  4. The official lyrics omit "Would you?"
  5. The official lyrics omit "Ooh no"


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