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On the Run

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On the Run
...don't forget your hand luggage, have your passports ready. Then follow the green line to customs and then to emigration
BA two-one-five to Rome...
May I have your attention, please? Here is an announcement for BOAC passengers on BA two-one-five to Rome... don't forget your hand luggage, have your passports ready.

Live for today, gone tomorrow, that's me. Ha-ha-ha-a-a-a-a-a!



Abbey Road, Studios 2 and 3


  • David Gilmour - guitar effects, Synthi-A, Leslie cabinet
  • Roger Waters - bass drone
  • Roger "The Hat" Manifold - voice


  1. Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon is known, among many things, for its addition of spoken clips over top of the music. The spoken clips were chosen to fit into the concept of the album.
  2. The working title for this piece was "The Travel Sequence"
  3. The production behind "On the Run" is shown in Pink Floyd: Live At Pompeii

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