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Young Lust

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This song is featured in the movie Pink Floyd – The Wall.
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Young Lust
I am just a new boy
A stranger in this town
Where are all the good times
Who's gonna show this stranger around?

Ooh I need a dirty woman
Ooh I need a dirty girl

Will some cold woman in this desert land
Make me feel like a real man
Take this rock and roll refugee
Oooh babe, set me free

Ooh I need a dirty woman
Ooh I need a dirty girl

Ooh I need a dirty woman
Ooh I need a dirty girl

Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd.
Will you accept the charges from United States?
Oh, he hung up! That's your residence, right? I wonder why he hung up? Is there supposed to be someone else there besides your wife there to answer?
This is United States calling, are we reaching...
See? He keeps hanging up, and it's a man answering!



  • David Gilmour - guitars, bass guitar, lead vocals
  • Roger Waters - backing vocals on chorus
  • Nick Mason - drums
  • Richard Wright - organs, electric piano
  • Chris Fitzmorris - male telephone voice


  1. The Wall is a concept album that also tells a story, and utilizes spoken passages to further correlate with the concept.

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