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The Show Must Go On

This song is by Pink Floyd and appears on the double album The Wall (1979) and on the live Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81 (2000).

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The Show Must Go On
Oooh Ma Oooh Pa
Must the show go on
Oooh Pa take me home (take me home, take me home)
Oooh Ma let me go (let me go, let me go)

There must be some mistake
I didn't mean to let them
Take away my soul
Am I too old? Is it too late?

Oooh Ma Oooh Pa
Where has the feeling gone?
Oooh Ma Oooh Pa
Will I remember the songs?

The show must go on


Written by:


  • Roger Waters - Writer
  • David Gilmour - Vocals, guitars, bass guitar
  • Nick Mason - Drums, roto toms
  • Richard Wright - Synthesizer
  • Bob Ezrin - Synthesizer, piano
  • Joe Chemay - Backing vocals
  • Stan Farber - Backing vocals
  • Jim Haas - Backing vocals
  • Bruce Johnston - Backing vocals
  • John Joyce - Backing vocals
  • Toni Tennille - Backing vocals
  • Freddie Mandell - Organ


  • The live version incorporates the missing lines from the official lyrics.

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