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In the Flesh?

This song is by Pink Floyd and appears…

This song has been covered by Roger Waters under the title "In the Flesh".
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In the Flesh?
...we came in? [1]

So ya thought ya might like to go to the show
To feel the warm thrill of confusion, that space cadet glow
Tell me is something eluding you sunshine?
Is this not what you expected to see?
If you want to find out what's behind these cold eyes
You'll just have to claw your way through this disguise

Roll the sound effects!
Drop it!
Drop it on 'em!
Drop it on 'em!


Written by:

Produced by:

Roger Waters, David Gilmour, Bob Ezrin


  • Roger Waters – lead vocals, bass, EMS VCS 3
  • David Gilmour – guitars
  • Nick Mason, Jeff Porcaro – drums
  • Richard Wright – synthesizers
  • Freddie Mandell – Hammond organ
  • Lee Ritenour – rhythm guitar
  • Peter Wood, Bob Ezrin – keyboards
  • Backing vocals provided by Joe Chemay, Stan Farber, Jim Haas, Bruce Johnston, John Joyce and Toni Tennille


  • ^[1] The concept of The Wall is meant to be cyclical. "In the Flesh?," the first track, is linked to "Outside the Wall," the last track, through the spoken line "Isn't this where we came in?"
  • ^[2] The Wall is a concept album that also tells a story, and utilizes spoken passages to further correlate with the concept.

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