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Down 4 Mine

This song is by Pimp C.

Foriegn cars and foreign hoes (repaeat word twice)
C'mon lets go
Pimp C:

Yeah Mayne, Know Wat I'm Talkn Bout
Dis My first solo album bitch
I Ain't Neva Had One Befo
Yeah, Yeah dey dropped that otha shit While I was In the penetentary know what I'm tlkn bot
I Got out 'n' Drop That Comp On They ass N Fucked 'em up Know wa I'm sayin'
But hey Man you Don SLipped 'n' Slid to another lid, Know wa I'm talkn bout, yeah you know, uh uh uh uh
This is a Pimp C starrin' In naked soulf of sweet jones
Y'all Play It From the Past

(Verse one) Pimp C:

I Stay Paid, And I Like blades
Old school cars and lovin' maze
I got Hoes N I Do shows (Chuuch)
Gettin' Money N Drivn Rows
I Keep my Grind I don't waste my time (Chuuch)
Comin' Up Gettin' Down For Mines

Ima Fuck You Baby, 'Cause I gots to Have it
Gots to Have it
Ima Fuck You Baby, 'Cause I Gots to grab it

Verse two
Foreign Cars and Foreign Hoes
Gator Slippers and McRobes
Up my fold, They broken I got a big bank roll
Stand up In yo Bitch and Make Her touch her toes.
Make Your girl Lose Her Mind, Don't wanna penetrate from behind

Ima Fuck you baby, 'Cause I gots to have it
Gots to have it
Ima Fuck you baby, 'cause I gots to grab it
Oh oh

Verse three

Touch Yo Liver, Hit yo spline and yo spleen
... When I step on the scene
I Got Malcolm X and Purple Leaves (purple leave)
Have some coke, Naw Bitch Have some lean (Have Some Leane)
Dick taste good, O wee wee you my kind (O Wee wee)
Lauren say let's get it on, Kelly told me to bump and Grind

Ima Fuck you baby, 'Cause I gots to have it
Gots to have it,
Ima Fuck you baby, 'cause I gots to grab it
Oh Oh

Pimp C:
Hol up
Smoke Sum Bitch
Trademark, Trademark, know wa I'm talkn bout
O wee wee, O wee wee
Know wa I'm sayin'
Uh huh I been
Been Inducted to that Chuuch
Know wa I'm sayin'
Hol up
Yeah motha fucka
While you bitch ass niggas buyin tha oh king johnny ol cloudy ass diamonds
Nigga ya come in the room look like hurricane just hit nigga
Blache blache
Betta take dem dinna plates off yo chain nigga
Take 'em off
Step yo game nigga
Step it up
Need sum biga pointas in yo watch
Anytime you need some big diamonds you go to emmett
Well you know fuck emett too nigga be chargin too much...

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