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Riot Religion & Righteousness

This song is by Pig and appears on the album Genuine American Monster (1999).

Get even, get ready, get down, get steady
Get out, get set, get one in the neck
Get clean, get drunk, get sober, get mean
Get fucked, get high, get sucked and lie

Get fixed, get real, get caught and steal
Get fired, get fired, get stoned, get high
Get a line, get loose, get a neck in the noose
Get fun, get taste, get a gun on your waist

Get signed, get sealed
Get fucked for real

Get 'em, get it up, get over it son
Get crack, get smack, get a hook, get a whore
Get a ticket, get a ride
Get a hit and hide
Get American monsters corporate sponsors
A job, a wife, get a house, get a life
Get a lift, get a line, get here on time

Get sick, get sane, get the schtick and flame
Get back, get bad, get ugly and sad
Get bought, get lost, get caught and sought
Get ripped, get a pound of flesh, get around

Get signed, get sealed
Get fucked for real

Get a crown of thorns, get a pair of horns
Get rich, get robbed, get right, get left
Get hitched, get paid, get fried, get laid
Get a pig, get a poke, get over this joke

Get a reason, get a rhyme, get a scam, get time
Get fit, get fast, get your head out your ass
Get back, get paid, get shit, get greed

Get signed, get sealed
Get fucked for real

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