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Blessed Be The Ties

This song is by Phil Keaggy and appears on the album Phil Keaggy And Sunday's Child (1988).

Out of the single life into the family way,
So many scripted lines, so many roles to play.
Ever a pressure pressing, ever an undertow.
Why do the ties you've chosen slowly pull you low?

Over the things we love into the still unknown.
I had a dream last night I was finally left alone.
Nothing to tie me down, no one to kiss goodnight,
Never again to feel your whisper pullme to your side.

And oh, an emotion cries.
Oh, sing blessed be the ties.

Under the veil he walks through the relentless chill,
Ever to bear your grief, ever rejected still.
Out of the deep He pulls you into the arms you trust,
Nothing can separate us from the ties that bind to You.

And oh, as your spirits rise,
Oh, sing blessed be the ties.

Stay with me, never let go
Take me to your side, am I dreaming

Oh, an emotion cries,
Oh, sing blessed be the ties,
Blessed be the ties.

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