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In My Mind (2006)

Pharrell Williams - In My Mind

In My Mind

  1. Can I Have It Like That (featuring Gwen Stefani)
  2. How Does It Feel?
  3. Raspy Shit
  4. Best Friend
  5. You Can Do It Too
  6. Keep It Playa (featuring Slim Thug)
  7. That Girl (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  8. Angel
  9. Young Girl / I Really Like You (featuring Jay-Z)
  10. Take It Off (Dim the Lights)
  11. Stay With Me (featuring Pusha T)
  12. Baby (featuring Nelly)
  13. Our Father
  14. Number One (featuring Kanye West)
  15. Show You How to Hustle (featuring Lauren)
  16. Swagger International (Japanese bonus track)

G I R L (2014)

Pharrell Williams - G I R L


  1. Marilyn Monroe
  2. Brand New (with Justin Timberlake)
  3. Hunter
  4. Gush
  5. Happy
  6. Come Get It Bae
  7. Gust of Wind
  8. Lost Queen
  9. Know Who You Are (with Alicia Keys)
  10. It Girl
  11. Smile (Japanese bonus track)

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  1. Brand New
  2. Candy Shop
  3. Creamsickle
  4. Freedom
  5. Get Down
  6. Mamacita
  7. Maybe (Remix)
  8. Pharrell Intro
  9. Show Me Your Soul
  10. The Game Has Changed
  11. The Problem (Lawwwddd)
  12. Where's Yours At?

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