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Songs for Swingin' Sellers (1959)

Peter Sellers-Swingin Sellers

Songs for Swingin' Sellers

Peter Sellers-Swingin Sellers CD

Songs for Swingin' Sellers (2010 CD-reissue)

  1. You Keep Me Swingin' (featuring Fred Flange)
  2. So Little Time
  3. The Contemporary Scene 1 (featuring Irene Handl)
  4. My Old Dutch
  5. The Contemporary Scene 2 (featuring Irene Handl)
  6. Puttin' on the Smile
  7. Common Entrance
  8. I Haven't Told Her, She Hasn't Told Me (But We Know It's Just the Same)
  9. Shadows on the Grass (featuring Irene Handl)
  10. Wouldn't It Be Loverly?
  11. We'll Let You Know
  12. Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin

The Peter Sellers Collection (1990)

Peter Sellers - The Peter Sellers Collection

The Peter Sellers Collection

  1. Any Old Iron
  2. A Hard Day's Night
  3. Auntie Rotter
  4. Bangers and Mash (with Sophia Loren)
  5. She Love You (Dr. Strangelove version)
  6. All the Things You Are
  7. In a Free State
  8. Peter Sellers Sings Rudolf Friml (Only a Rose)
  9. Goodness Gracious Me (with Sophia Loren)
  10. A Right Bird
  11. Unchained Melody
  12. Suddenly It's Folk Song
  13. Peter Sellers Sings George Gershwin
  14. Dance With Me, Henry
  15. So Little Time (Script Only)
  16. Never Never Land
  17. Party Political Speech
  18. The Trumpet Volunteer
  19. Dipso Calypso
  20. Balham - Gateway to the South

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b.1925, d.1980

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Peter Sellers is a performance name for Richard Henry Sellers.

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