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Beasts of Burden

This song is by Peter Green and Nigel Watson and appears on the single Beasts Of Burden (1972) by Peter Green.

Creatures dying
Vultures flying
Some birds singing
Hyenas laughing

Aging horses
Who gave all it had to give
Beasts of burden
Who work for their right to live

These creatures live not wanting more
In nature's paradise
But the shape of man
Meant sudden death
His mind's confused with lies

No true home has he
Flays off this society

Hiding of fear
Pretending he doesn't see

Feelings he hides
While other beings die
To poison that he breaths
'Cause his heart is lost
To a false torturous game
Insisting that he believes

A child of the truth
Hurt by lying words
Too young to choose
Life's mine, he's forced to lose

Castrated horses, chickens of cast [?]
A help to suit mountains [?]
Their time will be used
Their lives abused
By the pleasure seeking man

A true man must go
To make will before the madman's home
You're feeling just burnt
Bad will gives us worth to earn

From man's mistakes, all creatures must die
He thinks he is the chosen one
Their innocent lives are tortured or killed by the fool, who needed it done

But the animals know, the devil his face has shown
Too late to turn back, his sickness is overgrown

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