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Only Heaven Knows

This song is by Peter Cetera and appears on the album Another Perfect World (2001).

Why ask Why
Show yourself some mercy
Don't be shy
You don't have to look away
It's all right
You don't have to know the answers
In your heart you know you'll do
The Very best you can

Sail away tonight, on the ocean of forgiveness
We cannot decide which way the wind will blow
Baby close your eyes, let go of tomorrow
Some things in life, only heaven knows.

Face the sky, like I never heard you
Live your life you don't have to be afraid
Here inside are those who trully love you
There's nothing you can ever do
To make them turn away

Sail away tonight...

Us now baby
Ooh now and don't you cry
Say a little prayer to heaven
And I will sing a lullaby

Sail Away tonight...

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