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Only You

This song is by Pete Townshend and Ronnie Lane and appears on the album Rough Mix (1977).

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I've wondered around
In the backstreets slowly
Where I've been and where I'm going

Making out
I'm making due
The tears they raise
And the rain's still falling on you

Only you
Only you
Only you

I never thought
I'd see the morning
When you'd be gone
The walls kept tumberling

The jack of hearts
That's what I've been
The wheel of fortune
Has turned on me

Well I've been drinking
Been masquerading
Around this town
I've been parading

And all the boys
They all agree
that it's just like old times
Except for me and you

Darling, tell me darling
What we doing, what we doing apart
Me and my heart
Over you

Only you
Only you
Only you
Tell me, won't you tell me
What we're doing apart me and my heart
Only you
Only you


Written by:

Ronnie Lane

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