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Liza Jane

This song is by Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie and appears on the compilation American Roots: A History of American Folk Music (1999).

I got a girl in Arkansas, little Liza Jane
She sleeps in her kitchen
With her feet in the hall, little Liza Jane

Oh, won't you? Oh Eliza, little Liza Jane
Oh, won't you? Oh Eliza, little Liza Jane

I'm gonna marry her if I can
She loves me 'cause I'm a union man
Heard a speech by the President
Wants to put me in a regiment

I went to the draft and stood in line
Now I'm a number 609
Said in Congress yesterday
"Take the right to strike away"

They say that labor camps are fine
To make the young folk toe the line
I can't marry you today
I can't afford it on my pay

Cut the pay and raise the rents
It's all for national defense
Better make the government change its plan
I aim to be a married man

Dry your tears, get out your knittin'
I don't aim to be no bundle for Britain

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