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Walking on a Tightrope (1968)

Percy Mayfield - Walking on a Tightrope

Walking on a Tightrope

  1. Walking on a Tightrope
  2. I Made It Just the Same
  3. My Pain Is Here to Stay
  4. Alma Lee
  5. Please Send Me Someone to Love
  6. P.M. Blues
  7. My Mind Is Trying to Leave Me
  8. Danger Zone
  9. 'Sho Gonna Leave You Alone
  10. My Baby's Gone
  11. To Me Your Name Is Love

Poet of the Blues (1990)

Percy Mayfield - Poet of the Blues

Poet of the Blues

  1. Please Send Me Someone to Love
  2. Prayin' for Your Return
  3. Strange Things Happening
  4. Life Is Suicide
  5. What a Fool I Was
  6. Lost Love
  7. Nightless Lover
  8. Advice (For Men Only)
  9. Cry Baby
  10. Lost Mind
  11. I Dare You, Baby
  12. Hopeless
  13. The Hunt Is On
  14. The River's Invitation
  15. The Big Question
  16. Wasted Dream
  17. Louisiana
  18. Bachelor Blues
  19. Get Way Back
  20. Memory Pain
  21. Loose Lips
  22. You Don't Exist No More
  23. Nightmare
  24. Baby, You're Rich
  25. My Heart Is Cryin'

His Tangerine and Atlantic Sides (2004)

Percy Mayfield - His Tangerine and Atlantic Sides

His Tangerine and Atlantic Sides

  1. Ha Ha in the Daytime
  2. Never No More
  3. I Reached for a Tear
  4. Memory Pain
  5. Never Say Naw
  6. Life Is Suicide
  7. Baby Please (Lost Love)
  8. River's Invitation
  9. Cookin' in Style
  10. The Hunt Is On
  11. You Don't Exist No More
  12. My Jug and I
  13. Stranger in My Own Home Town
  14. Way Down Home on the Farm
  15. Maybe It's Because of Love
  16. Stand By
  17. Fading Love
  18. Give Me Time to Explain
  19. My Bottle Is My Companion
  20. It's Time to Make a Change
  21. We Both Must Cry
  22. My Love
  23. Don't Start Lying to Me
  24. Long as You're Mine
  25. Ha Ha in the Daytime
  26. Pretty-Eyed Baby
  27. I Don't Want to Be President
  28. Nothin' Stays the Same Forever

Other Songs

  1. Every Day I Have the Blues
  2. Hit the Road Jack
  3. The Country

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