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Who Killed Cock Robin?

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Love Call Me Home (2005).

Who killed Cock Robin?
I, said the sparrow
With my little bow and arrow
I killed Cock Robin

Who saw him die?
I, said the fly
With my little beady eye
I saw him die

Who caught his blood?
I, said the fish
In my little silver dish
I caught his blood

Who will sew his shroud?
I, said the beetle
With my little threaded needle
I will sew his shroud

Who will dig his grave?
I, said the crow
With my little spade and hoe
I will dig his grave

Who will be the parson?
I, said the lark
If it isn't after dark
I will be the parson

Who will carry the torch?
I, said the linnet
I will fetch it in a minute
I will carry the torch

Who will haul him there?
I, said the bull
Because I can pull
I will haul him there

Who will lay him in?
I, said the crane
And I hope it doesn't rain
I will lay him in

Who will pat his grave?
I, said the bat
And I'll make it smooth and flat
I will pat his grave

Who will sing his song?
I, said the swallow
Just as loud as I can holler
I will sing his song

Who will weep and mourn?
I, said the wren
My grief will never end
I will weep and mourn

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