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The Mother

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album An Odd Collection (1996).

Slowly slowly she turns over in the night
Turns her lovely face towards the morning light
Always turning turning turning
On her long and endless journey through the skys

Slowly slowly she turns over through the day
Flowers bloom and seed and die and fade away
Seasons turning turning turning
'Til tomorrow's just a memory of today

Virgin water tumbling tumbling down the hill
First the storm and then the time when all is still
All will follow follow follow
All in balance when the earth does as she will

Who invades the sky to bring the goddess down
Who's laid poison in her body in her bones
The earth is trembling trembling trembling
Is she waiting for the deadly final wound

Won't man beware the power of the tide
Learn to answer to the mother's warning cry
Learn to follow follow follow
Learn to live with all on earth or all will die

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