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The Deer Song

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Peggy Seeger (1957) and on the album Animal Folk Songs for Children (1957).

On a bright and summer's morning, The ground all covered with snow
I put my shoulder to my gun, And a-hunting I did, and a-hunting I did go

I came across a herd of deer, And I trailed through the snow
I trailed them through the mountains Where straight up they did, where straight up they did go

I went up yonder river That ran up yonder hill
And there I spied the herd of deer and in it they did, and in it they did dwell

Soon as the buck they saw me, Like devils they did run
To the bottom of the river and squat upon the and squat upon the ground

Then I went under water, five hundred feet or more, I fired off my pistols
Like cannon they did, like cannon they did roar

I fired away among the buck and think I killed one
The rest stuck up their bristles and at me they did, and it me they did come

I fought them with my broadsword, six hours I held them play
I killed three hundred and fifty and the rest they ran and the rest they ran away

I gathered up my venison and out of the waters went
To seek and kill all those that fled, it was my whole in, it was my whole intent

I bent my gun in a circle, and shot all round the hill
And out of five-and-twenty deer, ten thousand I did, ten thousand I did kill

I went up on the mountain, beyond the peaks so high
The moon come around with lightning speed, "I'll take a ride," says, "I'll take a ride" says I

He carried me all round this world, all round the swelling tide
The stars they brought my venison, so merrily I did, so merrily I did ride

The moon came round the mountain, it took a sudden whirl
And my foot slipped and I f ell out, and landed in this, and landed in this world

The money that I got for the venison skin
I hauled it to my daddy's barn, and it wouldn't half go, It wouldn 't half go in

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