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Poor Ellen Smith

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Love Call Me Home (2005).

Poor Ellen Smith, how was she found?
Shot through the heart lying dead on the ground

Who had the heart, O who had the skill
To shoot my poor love for a ten dollar bill

I saw her on Monday before that sad day
They come and they taken her body away

I did ask sweet Ellen to be my dear wife
I loved her too dearly to take her sweet life

Now she's in her grave, hand on her breast
And the bloodhounds and sheriff don't give me no rest

I hung out six weeks afraid of the time
They might find the one who committed that crime

They took their Winchesters, hunted me down
They come and they got me in Mount Airy Town

Now I'm in jail, a prisoner am I
But I know God is with me, hears every cry

The jury will hang me, that is if they can
But God knows I die an innocent man

My brother wrote me, wrote me to say
The flowers on her grave have all faded away

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