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Oma Wise

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Heading for Home (2003).

I'll sing you the story of little Oma Wise
How she was deluded by John Lewis's lies

He promised to meet her at Adams's Spring
Said he'd bring her some money and some other fine thing
He brought her no money but he flattered her case
Said, "We'll go and get married, there'll be no disgrace"

"So hop up behind me and away we will ride
We'll go and get married and you'll be my bride"
She got up behind him and away they did go
Riding down to that river where deep water flows

"John Lewis, John Lewis, tell me your mind
Is your mind for to marry me or leave me behind?"
"Little Oma, Little Oma, I'll tell you my mind
My mind is to kill you and leave you behind"

"O pity, pity, spare me my life
And I'll go a-beggin', I won't never be your wife"
"No pity, no pity, I won't spare your life
You won't go a beggin', nor you won't be my wife"

He hugged her, he kissed her and turned her around
Throwed her in the river where he knowed she would drown

The people all come from the city and town
They're coming to that place where little Oma was drowned
They sent for John Lewis to come to that place
They set her up before him so he could see her face

They took him to the jail house and locked him inside
You know, he would not have been there if he had not killed his bride
From window to window, slowly he go
Looking down to that river where deep water flows


Written by:

Peggy Seeger

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