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Leftwing Wife

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album An Odd Collection (1996).

When the phone began to ring her hands were in the dishes
Her feet were in her slippers and her head was full of wishes
She sighed and dried her hands and took the baby from it's cup
Lifted the receiver but the caller'd given up

She changed the baby's nappy put the dinner on and in
Put the garbage out the laundry and when the phone began again
She quickly ran to answer it and tripped over the toys
Scattered around the kitchen by her tri-bob little boys

She lay there in a daze upon the kitchen floor
She thought about the fighters who get up and come back for more
She thought about his sanity and the book that she was writin'
The phone continued ringing and the kids have started fightin'

She never reached the phone cause the baby started crying
Dinner started burning it was time to do the iron
And then once again the phone began
"May I speak to Earl"

My husband isn't home he's gone out to save the world
The oppressed the underprivileged the exploited and the needy
If you see him tell him "come on home,
His dinner's ready"

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