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For A Job

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album An Odd Collection (1996).

He'd give the world for a job
'Cause the job's his world
The earth's his oyster, he's the pearl
Gives him something to do, money in hand
Without a job a man's not a man
A man needs a job

Man on a mountain
Tearing that mountain down
Man in a forest
Building another town
The world is his wherever he goes
To do what he wants with
'Cause the world owes every man a job

What would he give for a job?
His heart and his lungs
Mutilate his body
Father mutant sons
Silicon and lint, espestis and coal
The world wants life, man wants control
But he'd give up life for a job

Ivory hunter, nuclear engineer
Rain forest logger, arms trader, financier
Makers of junk food, acid rain, CFCs
And all those things that bring death and disease
Made to waste, made without hate
Nobody needs all of those things
So is a job just a job?

He'd give the world for a job
He's runnin' wild
Blind fold, brainwashed,
Self centered, Pavlov's child
Turn forest to desert
Turn heaven to hell
Turn home into nothing
Will we live to tell how we gave the world for a job
The whole world for a job
We gave the world for a job

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