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Dear Companion

This song is by Peggy Seeger and appears on the album Heading for Home (2003).

Once I had a dear companion
Indeed I thought his love my own
But then a dark-eyed girl persuaded
Now he cares for me no more

O, go and leave me if you want to
That will never trouble me
If it's in your heart to love another
Then in my grave I would rather be

Many a night while you lie sleeping
Dreaming in your sweet repose
There's me, poor girl, lies here a-weeping
Listening to the wind that blows

When I see your baby laughing
It makes me think of your sweet face
But when I hear your baby crying
It makes me think on my disgrace

I am writing you a letter
Telling you that you are free
From this moment and forever
I will care no more for thee


Written by:

Peggy Seeger

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