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Golden God (2016)

Pedro Fernando - Golden God

Golden God

  1. Golden God (Intro)
  2. Celebro
  3. Workin' (Freestyle)
  4. Farto (featuring Márcio Dallas)
  5. Confiar (featuring Márcio Dallas)
  6. Fakes (featuring Rivas TrapKing)
  7. I'm That Boy
  8. Vibe (featuring Rivas TrapKing and Lordes Soldate)


Songs Featuring Pedro Fernando

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1998, full name Paulo Fernando Fazenda Manuel
  • Occupation: rapper, songwriter

Also known as:

Big Baby Petrosky, Pedrocas, 99PedroBoy, 9ine9ine GucciBerry, Lil Petrus, King Pedro

Years active:

2013 - present

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