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This song is by PAWS and appears on the album Youth Culture Forever (2014).

Is it fear or is it my true belief that I'll be alone?
Forever alone, the lights are off but I'm still home.
Hope didn't fade, I killed it dead then I dug a grave.
Shallow grave, I've known love so fuck you if you think that
I'm too young to think that I might not know another one.

If you're alone, alone, alone, alone.
If you're alone...

He's got a gun, he likes the taste of metal in his mouth, he's not the only one.
Cut up that noose, why should you care about what the others think? Fuck what the others think.
When you die, you're gone, you're dust, there's no use for ya.
Why would you wanna go to your own funeral... if you're alone?

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