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Chick Magnet (2004)

Paul Wall - Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet

  1. They Don't Know (featuring Mike Jones)
  2. Dat's What Dat Is (featuring Bun B, H.A.W.K. and Killer Mike)
  3. What Cha Gon Do (featuring Mr. Lucci and Mr. Pookie)
  4. Why You Peepin Me
  5. Chick Magnet (featuring Dani Marie)
  6. Am What I Am (featuring Poppy and Slim Thug)
  7. Tryin to Get Paid
  8. Break Bread (featuring Gu-U and Lew Hawk)
  9. Oh No (featuring Trae)
  10. Know What I'm Talkin' About
  11. Did I Change (featuring Pretty Todd, Scooby and Unique)
  12. Hustler Stackin Ends (featuring Shasta and Redd)
  13. My Life (featuring Kyle Lee and Mark G)

How To Be A Player (2004)

Paul Wall - How to Be a Player

How to Be a Player

  1. Intro
  2. Who Gives A Fuck Flow
  3. Drag 'Em In The River Flow
  4. Major Playa Flow
  5. The Other Day
  6. Playa Made
  7. Play Dirty
  8. Bounce Back Flow
  9. All Eyez On Me Flow
  10. Believe It Or Not Flow
  11. DJ Michael Watts Interlude
  12. Sun Don't Shine Flow
  13. Lick Flow
  14. Blank Check Flow
  15. Hustle Hard Flow
  16. Flow
  17. Rock
  18. Get It On The Floor Flow
  19. Game Over Flow
  20. In My Life Flow
  21. DJ Michael Watts Interlude
  22. Game Over
  23. Girls Droppin' They Draws Flow
  24. Oh No
  25. Spitting Game Flow
  26. Mash For Cash
  27. They Don't Know
  28. They Don't Know Flow
  29. Be Easy Flow
  30. DJ Michael Watts Interlude
  31. Still Tippin'
  32. Too Much Money Flow
  33. I Can Catch Boppas Flow
  34. N Luv Wit My Money

The Peoples Champ (2005)

Paul Wall - The People's Champ

The Peoples Champ

  1. I'm a Playa (featuring Three 6 Mafia)
  2. They Don't Know (featuring Mike Jones)
  3. Ridin' Dirty (featuring Trey Songz)
  4. State to State (featuring Freeway)
  5. So Many Diamonds (featuring T.I.)
  6. Smooth Operator
  7. Sittin' Sidewayz (featuring Big Pokey)
  8. Internet Going Nutz
  9. Trill (featuring B.G. and Bun B)
  10. Sippin' tha Barre
  11. Drive Slow (with Kanye West and GLC)
  12. March N' Step (featuring GridIron Glow-Ree)
  13. Got Plex (featuring Archie Lee and Cootabang)
  14. Girl
  15. Big Ballin'
  16. Sip-N-Get High (featuring Aqualeo)
  17. Just Paul Wall

Get Money, Stay True (2007)

Paul Wall - Get Money, Stay True

Get Money, Stay True

  1. Get Your Paper Up (featuring Yung Redd)
  2. Everybody Know Me (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  3. Break 'Em Off (featuring Lil' Keke)
  4. I'm Throwed (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
  5. Call Me What U Want (featuring Yung Redd and E-Class)
  6. On the Grind (featuring Freeway and Crys Wall)
  7. Bangin' Screw
  8. How Gangstas Roll (featuring Crys Wall)
  9. That Fire (featuring Trina)
  10. Tonight (featuring Jon B.)
  11. Gimme That
  12. I'm Real, What Are You? (featuring Juelz Santana)
  13. I Ain't Hard to Find
  14. Slidin' on That Oil (featuring Expen$ive Taste and Unique)

Fast Life (2009)

Paul Wall - Fast Life

Fast Life

  1. I Need Mo
  2. Got To Get It
  3. Bizzy Body
  4. Lemon Drop
  5. Fly
  6. I Grind
  7. Daddy Wasn't Home (Mama Raised Me)
  8. Pop One Of These
  9. One Hundred
  10. Pressin' Them Buttons
  11. I'm Clean
  12. Sumn' Like A Pimp
  13. Look At Me Now
  14. 1, 2, 3, 4

Heart Of A Champion (2010)

Paul Wall - Heart Of A Champion

Heart of a Champion

  1. Take Notes
  2. Showin' Skillz
  3. I'm On Patron
  4. Round Here
  5. Im'ma Get It
  6. Stay Iced Up
  7. Pocket Fulla Presidents
  8. Ain't A Thang
  9. My City
  10. Smoke Everyday
  11. Live It (featuring Jay Electronica, Raekwon and Yelawolf)
  12. Not My Friend
  13. Still On
  14. Heart Of A Hustler

Other Songs

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  1. Holla At Me Baby
  2. Grillz
  3. About Us
  4. All Eyez On Me Freestyle
  5. All Eyez On Me
  6. Bling Blaow (Remix)
  7. Bounce Back Freestyle
  8. Chunk Up The Deuce
  9. Diamonds Exposed
  10. Freestyle
  11. From The South
  12. GYMC Song
  13. Game Over (Flip) Freestyle
  14. Game Over Freestyle
  15. Girl On Fire
  16. I'm A Pimp
  17. I'm Real, You Fake
  18. If You Knew Me
  19. Johnny Dang's Watch Froze
  20. Just A Touch
  21. Lick Freestyle
  22. People's Champ
  23. Please Don't Stare At Us
  24. Right Now
  25. She Gangsta
  26. Skit
  27. So Fly
  28. Still (N Luv Wit My Money)
  29. That Girl On Fire
  30. They Don't Know Freestyle
  31. Thinking Of You
  32. Top Drop
  33. Way I Be Leanin'
  34. Weather Man
  35. Who Gives A Fuck

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