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Margins (2010)

Paul Smith - Margins


  1. North Atlantic Drift
  2. The Crush And The Shatter
  3. Improvement/Denouement
  4. Strange Friction
  5. While You're In The Bath
  6. This Heat
  7. I Drew You Sleeping
  8. Alone, I Would've Dropped
  9. Dare Not Dive
  10. I Wonder If
  11. Our Lady Of Lourdes
  12. The Tingles
  13. Pinball

Other Songs

  1. Can I Live
  2. Manteca
  3. Misty

Additional information

Artist information:

  • Born: 1979

Real name:

Paul Smith is a performance name for Paul Smith.

Years active:

  • 2000-present

Paul Smith is a member of:


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