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Patty Loveless (1986)

Patty Loveless - Patty Loveless

Patty Loveless

  1. Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  2. I Did
  3. You Are Everything
  4. Blue Is Not A Word
  5. Slow Healing Heart
  6. After All
  7. Wicked Ways
  8. Half Over You
  9. Some Blue Moons Ago
  10. Sounds Of Loneliness

If My Heart Had Windows (1988)

Patty Loveless - If My Heart Had Windows

If My Heart Had Windows

  1. So Good To Be In Love
  2. Workin' Man's Hands
  3. You Saved Me
  4. If My Heart Had Windows
  5. A Little Bit In Love
  6. I Can't Get You Off My Mind
  7. Baby's Gone Blues
  8. A Little On The Lonely Side
  9. Fly Away
  10. Once In A Lifetime

Honky Tonk Angel (1988)

Patty Loveless - Honky Tonk Angel

Honky Tonk Angel

  1. Blue Side Of Town
  2. I Won't Gamble With Your Love
  3. Go On
  4. If You Think
  5. Chains
  6. Don't Toss Us Away
  7. The Lonely Side Of Love
  8. I'll Never Grow Tired Of You
  9. Timber I'm Falling In Love
  10. I'm On Your Side

On Down the Line (1990)

Patty Loveless - On Down the Line

On Down the Line

  1. Overtime
  2. The Night's Too Long
  3. Blue Memories
  4. Some Morning Soon
  5. You Can't Run Away From Your Heart
  6. On Down The Line
  7. I've Got To Stop Loving You (And Start Living Again)
  8. Looking In The Eyes Of Love
  9. I'm That Kind Of Girl
  10. Feelings Of Love

Up Against My Heart (1991)

Patty Loveless - Up Against My Heart

Up Against My Heart

  1. Jealous Bone
  2. Nobody Loves You Like I Do
  3. I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone)
  4. Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way)
  5. If You Don't Want Me
  6. I Came Straight To You
  7. If It's The Last Thing I Do
  8. Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
  9. Waitin' For The Phone To Ring
  10. God Will

Only What I Feel (1993)

Patty Loveless - Only What I Feel

Only What I Feel

  1. You Will
  2. How About You
  3. Nothin' But The Wheel
  4. Love Builds The Bridges (Pride Builds The Walls)
  5. Mr. Man In The Moon
  6. Blame It On Your Heart
  7. You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  8. All I Need (Is Not To Need You)
  9. What's A Broken Heart
  10. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

When Fallen Angels Fly (1994)

Patty Loveless - When Fallen Angels Fly

When Fallen Angels Fly

  1. A Handful Of Dust
  2. Halfway Down
  3. When The Fallen Angels Fly
  4. You Don't Even Know Who I Am
  5. Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad
  6. Here I Am
  7. I Try To Think About Elvis
  8. Ships
  9. Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
  10. Over My Shoulder

The Trouble With the Truth (1996)

Patty Loveless - The Trouble With the Truth

The Trouble With the Truth

  1. Tear-Stained Letter
  2. The Trouble With The Truth
  3. I Miss Who I Was (With You)
  4. Everybody's Equal In The Eyes Of Love
  5. Lonely Too Long
  6. You Can Feel Bad
  7. A Thousand Times A Day
  8. She Drew A Broken Heart
  9. To Feel That Way At All
  10. Someday I Will Lead The Parade

Long Stretch of Lonesome (1997)

Patty Loveless - Long Stretch of Lonesome

Long Stretch of Lonesome

  1. The Party Ain't Over Yet
  2. To Have You Back Again
  3. I Don't Want To Feel Like That
  4. High On Love
  5. Like Water Into Wine
  6. That's Exactly What I Mean
  7. You Don't Seem To Miss Me (featuring George Jones)
  8. Too Many Memories
  9. Long Stretch Of Lonesome
  10. Where I'm Bound

Classics (1999)

Patty Loveless - Classics


  1. Can't Get Enough
  2. You Can Feel Bad
  3. Lonely Too Long
  4. I Just Wanna Be Loved By You
  5. You Don't Even Know Who I Am
  6. Here I Am
  7. You Don't Seem To Miss Me (featuring George Jones)
  8. Nothin' But The Wheel
  9. My Kind Of Woman/My Kind Of Man (duet with Vince Gill)
  10. Blame It On Your Heart
  11. I Try To Think About Elvis
  12. How Can I Help You Say Goodbye

Strong Heart (2000)

Patty Loveless - Strong Heart

Strong Heart

  1. You're So Cool
  2. The Last Thing On My Mind
  3. My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
  4. You Don't Get No More
  5. That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In
  6. Thirsty
  7. Strong Heart
  8. The Key Of Love
  9. She Never Stopped Loving Him
  10. Pieces On The Ground

Mountain Soul (2001)

Patty Loveless - Mountain Soul

Mountain Soul

  1. The Boys Are Back In Town
  2. The Richest Fool Alive
  3. Daniel Prayed
  4. Someone I Used To Know (featuring Jon Randall)
  5. Out Of Control Raging Fire (featuring Travis Tritt)
  6. Rise Up Lazarus
  7. Cheap Whiskey
  8. Pretty Little Miss
  9. I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) (featuring Travis Tritt)
  10. Sorrowful Angels
  11. Soul Of Constant Sorrow
  12. You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
  13. Two Coats
  14. Sounds Of Loneliness

Bluegrass & White Snow: A Mountain Christmas (2002)

Patty Loveless - Bluegrass & White Snow- A Mountain Christmas

Bluegrass & White Snow: A Mountain Christmas

  1. Away In A Manger
  2. Silent Night
  3. Joy To The World (featuring Jon Randall)
  4. Carol Of The Bells
  5. The First Noel
  6. Little Drummer Boy (featuring Rebecca Lynn Howard)
  7. Silver Bells
  8. O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  9. Christmas Time's A Comin'
  10. Santa Train
  11. Christmas Day At My House
  12. Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
  13. Bluegrass, White Snow

On Your Way Home (2003)

Patty Loveless - On Your Way Home

On Your Way Home

  1. Draggin' My Heart Around
  2. Nothin' Like The Lonely
  3. I Wanna Believe
  4. On Your Way Home
  5. I Don't Wanna Be That Strong
  6. Born-Again Fool
  7. Lookin' For A Heartache Like You
  8. Higher Than The Wall
  9. Lovin' All Night
  10. Last In A Long Lonesome Line
  11. The Grandpa That I Know

Dreamin' My Dreams (2005)

Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams

Dreamin' My Dreams

  1. Keep Your Distance
  2. Old Soul
  3. When Being Who You Are Is Not Enough
  4. Nobody Here by That Name
  5. Same Kind of Crazy
  6. Everything But the Words
  7. Dreaming My Dreams With You
  8. On the Verge of Tears
  9. Never Ending Song of Love (featuring Dwight Yoakam)
  10. Big Chance
  11. My Old Friend the Blues
  12. When I Reach the Place I'm Going

Sleepless Nights (2008)

Patty Loveless - Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights

  1. Why Baby Why (cover of "Why Baby Why" by George Jones & Gene Pitney)
  2. The Pain Of Loving You
  3. He Thinks I Still Care
  4. Sleepless Nights (featuring Vince Gill)
  5. Crazy Arms (cover of "Crazy Arms" by Ray Price)
  6. There Stands The Glass (cover of "There Stands the Glass" by Blaine Smith)
  7. That's All It Took (featuring Jedd Hughes)
  8. Color Of The Blues
  9. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know
  10. Next In Line
  11. Don't Let Me Cross Over
  12. Please Help Me I'm Falling
  13. There Goes My Everything
  14. Cold Cold Heart

Mountain Soul II (2009)

Patty Loveless - Mountain Soul II

Mountain Soul II

  1. Busted
  2. Fools Thin Air
  3. A Handful Of Dust
  4. Half Over You
  5. Prisoner' Tears
  6. Working On A Building
  7. Friends In Gloryland
  8. (We Are All) Children Of Abraham
  9. Big Chance
  10. When The Last Curtain Falls
  11. Blue Memories
  12. You Burned The Bridge
  13. Bramble And The Rose
  14. Feelings Of Love
  15. Diamond In My Crown

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  1. Don't Let Me Crossover
  2. How Can I Help You
  3. I've Gotta Stop Loving You And Start Living
  4. Love Don't Let Me Down
  5. My Kind Of Woman, My Kind Of Man
  6. Prisoner's Tears
  7. Send A Message To My Heart
  8. You're Through Fooling Me

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