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This song is by Patti Smith and appears on the album Wave (1979).

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I feel upset, let's do some celebratin'
Come on honey, don't hesitate now
Needed you, you withdrew, I was so forsaken
Ah, but now the tables have turned, my move
I believe I'll be taking my revenge
Sweet revenge

I thought you were some perfect read-out
Some d-digital delay had obscured
And phased my view of the wicked hand you played
Ah, the sands and hands of time have run out
Run out, ah you better face it
Ah, this thing's run amok, this luck
I do know how to replace it with revenge
Oh, sweet revenge

I gave you a wristwatch, baby
You wouldn't even give me the time of day
Ah, you want to know what makes me tick
Now it's me that's got precious little to say
For the ghosts of our love have dried, have died
There's no use fakin' it
Ah, the spirit's gonna close in on you tonight
High time I was takin' my revenge
Sweet revenge

All the gold and silver couldn't measure up my love for you, it's so immaterial
I wouldn't wait around if I was you, na, you're good but if you ain't team clean, nobody gets anything
Nobody gets nuthin', na, no time for kisses
Don't leave me no space in your little boat
You ain't gonna need
No you ain't gonna need no little boat
You're livin' on my time, my dear
Sweet revenge
Sweet, sweet revenge


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