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This song is by Patti Smith and appears on the album Trampin' (2004).

Here we go around again
Curve of life spiraling
Everything we've ever known
As the seed of life gets blown
And the miracle of time
When will that time just end
Remember, you decide
Take that vow
Grab that ring It's not a whim
Not a whim
When you be cashing in

Try to turn your life around
And all the things you do resound
And then you can't loose control
Say your time has come and then
Hard to pinpoint find the seam
Where that one time ends
Where that time begins
Remember, you decide
Take that vow
Take a stand
Grab that ring
It's not a whim
It's not a whim
It's only time
That you're cashing in

In the white noise of desire
We can't hear a single thing
Floating round the fragile bough
Afflictions of the human soul
Its beauty immaterial

You decide
Stand along
The fallen ones
Take revenge
Defeated sons
Rend that coat
From seam to seam
It's only time
It's only time
That you spend
You spend
It's only time
You spend
Its only time
You spend
It's only life
That you're cashing in

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