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End of a Rainbow (1976)

Patti Austin - End of a Rainbow

End of a Rainbow

  1. Say You Love Me
  2. In My Life
  3. You Don't Have to Say You're Sorry
  4. More Today Than Yesterday
  5. Give It Time
  6. There Is No Time
  7. What's at the End of a Rainbow
  8. This Side of Heaven
  9. Sweet Sadie the Savior

Havana Candy (1977)

Patti Austin - Havana Candy

Havana Candy

  1. That's Enough for Me
  2. Little Baby
  3. I Just Want to Know
  4. Havana Candy
  5. Golden Oldies
  6. I Need Somebody
  7. We're in Love
  8. Lost in the Stars

Body Language (1980)

  1. Body Language
  2. Another Nail For My Heart
  3. S.O.S.
  4. We've Got Tonight
  5. (Ooh-Wee) He's Killing Me
  6. I Can't Stop
  7. Love Me Again
  8. Soar Me Like An Eagle Flies
  9. People In Love (Do The Strangest Things)
  10. I Want You Tonight

Every Home Should Have One (1981)

Patti Austin - Every Home Should Have One

Every Home Should Have One

  1. Do You Love Me
  2. Love Me to Death
  3. Way I Feel
  4. Every Home Should Have One
  5. Baby, Come to Me
  6. Genie
  7. Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
  8. Symphony of Love
  9. Oh No, Margarita
  10. Island

Patti Austin (1984)

Patti Austin - Patti Austin

Patti Austin

  1. It's Gonna Be Special
  2. Rhythm of the Street
  3. All Behind Us Now
  4. Hot! in the Flames of Love
  5. Change Your Attitude
  6. Shoot the Moon
  7. I've Got My Heart Set on You
  8. Fine Fine Fella (Got to Have You)
  9. Starstruck
  10. Any Way You Can

Gettin' Away With Murder (1985)

Patti Austin - Gettin' Away With Murder

Gettin' Away With Murder

  1. Talkin' Bout My Baby
  2. Big Bad World
  3. The Heat of Heat
  4. If I Believed
  5. Honey for the Bees
  6. Gettin' Away With Murder
  7. Anything Can Happen Here
  8. Only a Breath Away
  9. Summer Is the Coldest Time of the Year

The Real Me (1988)

Patti Austin - The Real Me

The Real Me

  1. I Can Cook Too
  2. Stockholm Sweetnin
  3. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
  4. True Love
  5. Across the Alley From the Alamo
  6. How Long Has This Been Going On?
  7. Lazy Afternoon
  8. Love Letters
  9. They Can't Take That Away From Me
  10. Mood Indigo
  11. Cry Me a River
  12. Someone Is Standing Outside
  13. Spring Can Really Hang You up the Most

Love Is Gonna Getcha (1990)

Patti Austin - Love Is Gonna Getcha

Love Is Gonna Getcha

  1. Through The Test Of Time
  2. Too Soon To Know
  3. In My Life
  4. Love Is Gonna Getcha
  5. Ooh-Whee (The Carnival)
  6. Any Other Fool
  7. Only In My Mind
  8. Believe The Children
  9. Good In Love
  10. Wait For Me
  11. First Time Love
  12. In My Dream
  13. The Girl Who Used To Be Me

Carry On (1991)

Patti Austin - Carry On

Carry On

  1. Carry On
  2. Givin' in to Love
  3. I Will Remember You
  4. How Can I Be Sure
  5. Why Did She Come in With You
  6. I Just Can't Let Go
  7. Monday Monday
  8. The More I Think About It
  9. Nobody to Dance With
  10. I'll Be Waiting for You
  11. (Don't Know) Whether to Laugh or Cry

That Secret Place (1994)

Patti Austin - That Secret Place

That Secret Place

  1. That's Enough for Me
  2. Ability to Swing
  3. Somebody Make Me Laugh
  4. Broken Dreams
  5. Rock Steady
  6. Captivated
  7. Hurry Home
  8. That Secret Place
  9. Reach
  10. Stars in Your Eyes

The Best Of (1994)

Patti Austin - The Best Of

The Best Of

  1. Take a Closer Look
  2. Say You Love Me
  3. You Don't Have to Say You're Sorry
  4. More Today Than Yesterday
  5. What's at the End of the Rainbow
  6. Sweet Sadie the Savior
  7. That's Enough for Me
  8. I Just Want to Know
  9. Havana Candy
  10. I Need Somebody
  11. Lost in the Stars
  12. Another Nail for My Heart
  13. We've Got Tonight
  14. (Ooh-Wee) He's Killing Me
  15. Love Me Again
  16. Soar Me Like an Eagle Flies

Ultimate Collection (1995)

Patti Austin - Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

  1. Hold Me
  2. Ability to Swing
  3. Givin' in to Love
  4. We Fell in Love Anyway
  5. The Heat of Heat
  6. Through the Test of Time
  7. You Who Brought Me Love
  8. The Girl Who Used to Be Me
  9. Love Is Gonna Getcha
  10. Soldier Boy
  11. I'll Keep Your Dreams Alive
  12. Reach

In & Out of Love (1998)

Patti Austin - In & Out of Love

In & Out of Love

  1. In & Out of Love
  2. Don't Go Away
  3. Totally Unacceptable
  4. Once in a Lifetime
  5. If We're Not in Love
  6. Why You Wanna Be Like That
  7. I'll Never Get Over You
  8. Do-Si-Doe-In'
  9. I Offer You Love
  10. Maybe
  11. Summer Breeze
  12. I Will Be There

On the Way to Love (2001)

Patti Austin - On the Way to Love

On the Way to Love

  1. Girlfriend
  2. What Can I Say?
  3. On the Way to Love
  4. Love's Been Kind to Me Lately
  5. Make It Right
  6. If You Really Need Me Now (featuring Boney James)
  7. Playin' Around
  8. Let Me Be Me
  9. Southern Rain
  10. Tell Me Why
  11. Love's Been Kind to Me Lately (Unplugged)

For Ella (2002)

Patti Austin - For Ella

For Ella

  1. Too Close for Comfort
  2. Honeysuckle Rose
  3. You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini)
  4. Our Love Is Here to Stay
  5. A Tiket a Tasket
  6. Miss Otis Regrets
  7. Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp of Savannah)
  8. But Not for Me
  9. Satin Doll
  10. The Man I Love
  11. Hearing Ella Sing
  12. How High the Moon

Sound Advice (2011)

Patti Austin - Sound Advice

Sound Advice

  1. You Gotta Be
  2. By the Grace of God
  3. Round and Round
  4. You Can't Always Get What You Want
  5. Let 'em In
  6. Gotta Serve Somebody
  7. Vincent
  8. A Little Bit of Love
  9. Lean on Me
  10. Give It Up
  11. My Way
  12. Enjoy the Silence

Songs Featuring Patti Austin

Other Songs

  1. How Do You Keep The Music Playing
  2. I Only Have Eyes For You
  3. Leaving Yesterday Behind
  4. Let It Rain
  5. Look What You've Done To Me
  6. What A Diff'rence A Day Makes

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  • b. 1950
  • Occupation: singer-songwriter

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