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Cold Shot

This song is by Pat Travers and appears on the compilation L.A. Blues Authority, Volume III - Hats Off to Stevie Ray (1993).

This song is a cover of "Cold Shot" by Stevie Ray Vaughan.
Once was a sweet thing, baby, held out her lovin' in our hands
Now I reach to kiss your lips, the touch don't mean a thing
And that's a cold shot, baby, yeah, that's a drag
A cold shot, baby, I let our love go bad

Remember the way that you loved me, do anything I said
And now I see you out somewhere, you won't give me the time of day
That's a cold shot, darlin', yeah that's a drag
And that's a cold shot, baby, we let our love go bad

I really meant I was sorry for ever causin' you pain
You showed your appreciation by walkin' out anyway
And that's a cold shot, baby, yeah that's a drag
That's a cold shot baby, we let our love go bad

So sad
Too bad
So sad
Don't let our true love run cold baby


Written by:

Wesley C. Clark, Michael Kindred


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