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Crazy Wind

This song is by Pat Green and Cory Morrow and appears on the album Songs We Wish We'd Written (2001).

(Chip Robinson/Steve Howell)

Didn't even see it coming
How'd I know you're mine
Freight train just came roaring around that bend
Should of heard those rails a singing
Somewhere far off down the line
Yes, I hope it was just a crazy wind

You know sometimes I feel like breaking
That ol' pawnshop radio
And hear those songs you sung me way back when
Take the pieces to a boxcar
And let them ride to Mexico
Let the songs come drifting back on a crazy wind

Maybe somewhere in a dream
When the whiskey starts to take me soft and low
And if you can't seem to find me
You know right where I've been
Somewhere out there on that crazy wind

I didn't even see it coming, I wonder how I got so blind
The circus just came spinning to an end
I should've seen that spotlight fading
Hell I never knew about my fire
Hiding out there on that crazy wind

You know sometimes I hear those lies you told me way back when
Like to float on down the river
Just to see where they might go
Until the truth comes drifting back on a crazy wind

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