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Police Can't Break It Up

This song is by Pastor Troy and appears on the album Stay Tru (2006).

Yeah yeah y'all know wut time it is baby dis ya boy pt crusier ayo and dis joint right here called police can't break it up y'all know how it get in da club police can't break it up security can't break it up can't nobody break it up until we fuck dem niggaz up

I'm commin at ya harder commin harder than eva doin' dis one fa dis cheese doin' dis one fa da cheddar yeah mozzarella fettucini pull up in da bounce in my lamborghini I juss 'bout me a lam I drive it lik a ram no id I don't giv a damn hood full of bam trunk fall of motor its pt fuck pullin over then I got deez suckaz I gotta deal wit catch deez hoes at dey shows bout some muthafuckin shit its pt pop dat shit now its p troy nigga pop dat shit now

Police can't break it up
Can't no bouncers break it up
Can't nobody break it up until we fuck dem niggaz up

Can't nobody break it up hit da club get and buck let dem little boys know I'm da dirty south hoe first to come da last to leave ridin' a drop top from robbery mo cheese than cheddar bitch mozzzarella and me and my niggaz r da fuckin' good sellers and when we catch yo ass keep poppin' put you in da trunk lik I done been shoppin' I'm robbin I'm jackin wuts shakin wuts happenin' you grindin you shinin you totin you packin I'm packin to bust yo vest wide open boo boo boo boo and keep on smokin' shark in da water lookin' fa da prey atlanta ocean strapped wit da k great white shark u a goldfish nigga and I'm gon getcha

Can't nobdy break it up I'm in da club but as fuck first you seen dis nigga last time you gon see dis nigga dsgb in da bac wit me 100 round clip 2 2 3 pop pop pop and its on run out clip drop and I'm gon fire up my v 12 shakin up my dreadlocks goone squad behind me ridin' in a ????? pussy nigga it don't stop and it don't quit keep on talkin' shit we gon g ya lik a bitch pt is up fuck niggaz down gotta red nose fa all of y'all clowns around here you gon watch yo fuckin' mouth da dirty yeah dirty da south you know who it is you know who I am you know wut da biz you know who my fam my killaz is tired and I'm gettin' tired and we won't quit until dat grill we ride ya hoe

(Hgook x4)

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